Positives of the Block Schedule

Hallie Deaton , Reporter

Lane Brown and Gracieann Ruskaup getting in some extra reading time during the block schedule. (Hallie Deaton)

Typically students and staff are used to an eight period day, but this year EHS was presented with a new block schedule. The block schedule is every other week and is designed to test the block schedule out.

Freshmen, Lane Brown has not noticed any negative affects of the new schedule.  He says,The block schedule is not affecting my grades.” In addition to not impacting his grades, Lane enjoys other parts of the schedule. “My favorite part of the block schedule is the first day because I have all of my easier classes and study hall. I also like being able to get caught up on my work”. Lane sees a benefit for the rest of the school as well. “It’s affecting the other students in a good way because it gives them more time to work on what needs to be done for their classes”, he said. 

Gracieann Ruskaup, a sophomore enjoys the block schedule too. “Its a good thing because it gives me more time to get help from other teachers. It makes things less stressful overall and less class changes,” she said. Gracieann also hasn’t experienced any bad grades from the schedule. “Its affecting my grades in a good way because I don’t forget things going into my next class,” she added.  Gracieann also likes the block days because she gets more practice time for band. ”It makes band class longer so we have more time to rehearse and the 40 minute lunch is the best part,” she said. Teachers can be affected by it in a good way Gracieann believes.“I like it because it gives us more time to review and so the teacher can have more review time before tests,” she said. Both students feel good about this new schedule, and they both are affected in a good way.