Haunted Options for Students


Maddie Pennington, Reporter

During the Halloween season, people of all ages love to get frightened, and local haunted houses provide the scare. Many haunted houses surround Trenton, one of the most popular haunted houses is Land of Illusion. Land of Illusion, located in Middletown, has seven haunted houses that are open on Friday and Saturday from 7 pm to 1 am. Ticket prices can vary at Land of Illusion; the cheapest ticket is $25 and the most expensive ticket for one person is $75. But if the customers are planning on going to Land of Illusion multiple times, then they can get a season pass. Freshman, Kamdyn Buck got the $50 dollar ticket which gives you access to all 7 of the haunted houses on her trip to Land of Illusion.  However, she explained, “No, it was not worth the money but I still had fun though.”  In addition to scares,  Land Of Illusion also offers food.   “It’s concession food and the haunted house reminded me of the movie Monster House,” Kamdyn said.  

     Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt is in the area too. The prices of the ticket to go to Kings Island can range based on what ticket a customer gets, Admission is $80 dollars at the gate or a ticket purchased online is $39.99. Those are both all-night admission. Kings Island Halloween Haunt opens at 6 pm and closes at 12 am on Friday and Saturday. At Kings Island, the freight seeker can get season passes too. But on the Kings Island website, it says that they don’t recommend the Halloween Haunt for kids 13 and under. 

    Another local haunted house is Nightmare Manor, a haunted house in Middletown.   The ticket price is $17  per person but Nightmare Manor’s website offers discounts. Nightmare Manor has a lot of different attractions that the fright seeker can see, in October they are open from 7 pm to 1 am.