TikTok Trend Leads to Annoyance


Hunter Allen

Vandalised school restrooms at EHS.

Hunter Allen, Reporter

Recent TikTok trends have begun to challenge students to participate in dangerous or consequential actions. These actions may include vandalism or even assault. Incidents have happened locally and have caused many staff members to come together to prevent such behavior. 

Social media platforms can strongly influence teens to do a variety of things. With the continuation of the trend and new challenges, this “Devious Lick” trend is proving to be a problem. EHS school staff and administration members have come together and carried out several actions to try and prevent these challenges from happening. Assistant Principal, Mrs. Limon, has had several cases dealing with these challenges. “I am disappointed that students here, and in other school districts are tearing up their school,” said Mrs. Limon. Mrs. Limon explained that the administrative team has come together to try to prevent this trend, they have sent letters out to students and parents, reset and reminded students of their expectations, added hallway/ bathroom monitors, and also investigated each incident thoroughly. With this unacceptable behavior continuing, schools are starting to team up and reach out to families. Butler County superintendents recently came together and directed a message towards families discussing their regard to the situations and the consequences. 

Principal Geygan has handled several situations involving the trend. He, along with the administrative team, looked into every scenario and took the necessary actions to follow. The incidents haven’t been too common for EHS, but still, an issue that needs to be addressed. “It’s just annoying that you have to go over this kind of stuff and watch over everything,” said Mr. Geygan. Most consequences lead to disciplinary action for property damage and vandalism. This trend still continues to flourish and include more crazy ideas, even though the significant consequences and disciplinary actions made by schools.

Restroom monitors set up a desk to prevent TikToks
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