A New Place for Caffeine and Companions


Photo By Jaylee Neff

State Street Coffee owner Diane holding her favorite cup of coffee

Jaylee Neff, Reporter

     A new coffee shop in Trenton Crossings, State Street Coffee, opened in early August. The coffee shop offers a variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, treats, and more. From the origin of the idea to the ribbon-cutting, the process took about a year. In the midst of a pandemic, when opening a business could be challenging, owner Diane Herbel, still knew it was the right time. “My husband was like this is the worst time to open a business but it was in my heart and it weighed on me like the time was now.” 

     Challenges when opening a business are inevitable, for State Street Coffee the biggest problems are getting supplies and products, staffing problems, and getting the shop finished. Nevertheless, the business is staying steady and keeping its integrity.  State Street Coffee’s goal is to bring people together and be supportive of the community.  EHS junior and newly aproned barista, Ella Testas, thinks State Street Coffee has already made its mark on the community.  “It has already made a positive impact as a place for people to come together.”  When applying, Ella hoped to learn more about coffee, since then her favorite part about working at State Street Coffee is the relationship between the staff. 

     State Street Coffee sources its coffee from places like Honduras, and Guatemala.  “By working with fair trade suppliers we are able to help them too and it’s good to be a part of something bigger.”  The business hopes to continue to grow and continue to build relationships with the community within years to come.