Spring Concert to Return!


Photo by Emily Miller

Senior Abby Arnold and sophomore Caden Murray rehearse for the spring performance

Emily Miller, Social Media Editor

After a year of waiting, the Edgewood High School concert band is finally getting its spring concert.  The band has not had a concert since November 2019, so it is very exciting and rewarding to finally show everyone the hard work they have been putting in.  Along with the concert band, the jazz bands will also be performing that night.  

The band has rehearsed every day during eighth period for this concert for the past six months.  Junior, Julia Hahn described the rehearsals as “a little weird because we have had to split up into two groups because of social distancing, but we’re starting to get the hang of things.”  The band has been working on five different pieces, all of which are very different.  “I think the people at the concert will really enjoy the variety of music pieces.  There’s something for everyone” says Julia.  The music selections for the concert consist of the pieces: Goddess of Fire by Steven Reineke, Majestia by James Swearingen, Allied Honor by James Swearingen, Jurassic Park by Jay Bocook,  and Mandalorian by Paul Murtha. 

During the preparation of the concert, the students in the band have been facing many challenges.  “With all these new songs we’ve never played before, most students are getting tripped up on timing and intonation.  Those seem to be our biggest downfalls right now” says senior Abby Arnold.  Despite the challenges, there are also strong suits. “Goddess of Fire is the best-sounding piece and I think it’s everyone’s favorite.  All the songs will be good to go by concert time though and I’m super excited for people to hear them” says Abby.  The concert band and jazz band concert will be held in the Edgewood High School gym on May 19th at 6:30 pm.