Prom King Candidates


Josie Green

(Left to right) Seniors Austin Chappelow, Parker Ratliff, Nolan Boyle, Camden Ventura, Mason Whiteley, Austin Davis, Cameron Allen, Jacob Jump. (Photo made via Canva)

Senior Cameron Allen (Courtesy of Cameron Allen)

Cameron Allen 

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: My favorite memory would be in 8th grade, me and Anthony Scott would carry around a trapper keeper that had all of our school work in it. We would carry it around on a leash and we called it Charles. We would drag it everywhere we went and everyone would look at us like we were idiots, which we were, but it didn’t matter because we found it absolutely hilarious.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: Firefighter or a trade school.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Do as much as you can while you’re in high school. Try and go to every event you can, because it will all be gone in a blink of an eye.

Senior Nolan Boyle (Courtesy of Nolan Boyle)






Nolan Boyle

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY:  A student breaking the toilet

POST GRADUATION PLANS: Go to Thomas Moore and study exercise science and continue wrestling and playing baseball.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Enjoy it while you can.

Senior Austin Chappelow (Courtesy of Austin Chappelow)




Austin Chappelow

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: When a cafeteria door fell and it sounded like a gunshot so my table started freaking out and hiding.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I plan on going to hair school. After school, I want to open an inclusive salon for everyone.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Don’t stress yourself out too much. I literally did the bare minimum and graduated.

Senior Austin Davis (Courtesy of Austin Davis)





Austin Davis

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: Either making it to state for DECA or winning the SWOC title in baseball my freshman year.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: Attending Indiana University-Kokomo and majoring in business 

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Don’t miss out on chances or opportunities to have fun. Make the most out of every event, dance, or party you can because if not you’ll regret it.

Senior Jacob Jump (Courtesy of Jacob Jump)





Jacob Jump

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: My freshman year I went to Disney with the marching band for a week. We got fast passes for the rides and food was included. Then our band got to participate in the parade through the park which was awesome.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I’m going to be attending Miami University. I’m hoping to get a degree in management. If that doesn’t work out then I think it would be really fun to get my pilot’s license.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: You need to enjoy these years of high school with your friends that you see every day. It may be stressful with some classes that you take, but you need to make memories and have fun experiences.

Senior Parker Ratliff (Courtesy of Parker Ratliff)

Parker Ratliff

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: My favorite memory was the 2019 New York DECA trip. It was very fun and put together very well by Mr. Rocky Chasteen.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I’m going to attend the University of Memphis in Tennessee and study aerospace engineering and join the Air Force ROTC Program.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: High School is going to be one of the easiest times of your life, don’t wish it away. Try to live in the moment.

Senior Camden Ventura (Courtesy of Camden Ventura)


Camden Ventura

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: My favorite memory is all the times I’ve had with the Choraliers, like competing and spending time with friends on the bus to competitions.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: After graduation, I plan on going to college for nursing at either Christ College of Nursing or Miami University.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Make every moment last. You never know when it could be your last one.

Senior Mason Whiteley (Courtesy of Mason Whiteley)







Mason Whiteley

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: Going to different athletic events because of our student section.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I’m going to go to college at Indiana University-Kokomo to play baseball and study sports recreational management 

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Never take anything for granted, it will be over quicker than you think.