Prom Queen Candidates


Josie Green

(Left to right) Seniors Ashley Shannon, Claire Pass, Madilyn Stahlheber, Delaney Pauley, Meg Gulley, Gracie Simpson, and Hannah Harrison. (Photo made via Canva)

Ashley Shannon, News Editor

Senior Meg Gulley (Courtesy of Meg Gulley)Meg Gulley

Meg Gulley

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: Junior year in CCP Precalc with Mrs. Sandy Johnson. 

Example 1- She was giving us a workday and she asked who wrote “Ya Na Ya Na Garfield” as their name on their paper and my dear friend Connor Fluhart said, “Oh that was me” and proceeded to draw a spider on it instead of his name, and the other times he just wrote “C” and forgot to finish the rest of his name. Example 2- The day Meagan Current and Connor Fluhart showed me the dancing cockroach video in Precalc during a workday. I cried tears of joy and my life was changed forever. 

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I plan on attending West Virginia University to study forensic biology!! I want to work for the FBI in DC or some other kind of government institution of that sort!! Ideally, I’d work in the field collecting evidence, but also running labs and working things out with a team! 

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: This is probably horrible to say, but we’re literally floating on a rock in the middle of a huge galaxy we know hardly anything about. In the grand scheme of things, what you do with your short time on Earth should be up to you, so don’t get caught up on small things because it hardly really matters. Do what makes you happy even if that’s not what society says is the norm. Live your life the way you want to!


Senior Hannah Harrison (Courtesy of Hannah Harrison)

Hannah Harrison

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: One of my favorite memories from Edgewood is probably being at the Edgewood Friday night football games cheering on the Cougs! 

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I will be attending Aveda Fredric Institution to become a cosmetologist. 

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Always be yourself, don’t let other people change who you are!






Senior Claire Pass (Courtesy of Claire Pass)



Claire Pass

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: In seventh grade in Mrs. Murphy’s class, Kaleb Cooper shoved Ashley Shannon in the recycling can and wouldn’t let her out until Micah Smith knocked him over.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I plan on attending Gallen College of Nursing. 



Senior Delaney Pauley (Courtesy of Delaney Pauley)





Delaney Pauley

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: Wiping out on a cross country course at least once a season, and Ben Johnson telling us he hates us and our offspring. 

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I plan on attending The Ohio State University and majoring in biology. 

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Go to as many school events and sports games as you can and savor every moment with your friends.

Senior Ashley Shannon (Courtesy of Ashley Shannon)



Ashley Shannon

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: In third grade, Nolan Boyle, Laney Konz, Madison Nisius and I were playing Life during indoor recess and Madison looked over and said, “Guys look at that huge spider!” It was not a spider. It was a bat. There was a literal bat in our classroom. Everyone started freaking out and kids were running to the back of the classroom to hide and Caleb Valandingham ran down the hallway because he thought the bat was chasing him. The next day they still hadn’t found the bat and it turns out it was in the cafeteria for a couple of days before they could get it out.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I plan on attending The Ohio State University and majoring in exercise science. Eventually, I hope to become a physical therapist for a professional or collegiate sports team.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Don’t worry about what other people think of you, it doesn’t matter.

Senior Gracie Simpson (Courtesy of Gracie Simpson)


Gracie Simpson

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: My favorite memory from Edgewood is when I was in elementary school at Seven Mile. We were nearing the end of the talent show and Mrs. Lykins decided she wanted to run up to the mini-trampoline and try to cartwheel off of it. However, it quickly backfired. In the middle of the cartwheel her arms gave out and she simply…slammed her face into the ground. She ended up leaving with a bloody nose and the rest of us ended up leaving in shock. This is definitely a moment I’ll never forget and makes me laugh every time I think about it. (But only because she was ultimately okay.)

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I’ll be attending the University of Cincinnati and majoring in early childhood education, while also getting a minor in special education. In the future, I hope to teach first or second grade in the Edgewood district, and maybe try to coach Edgewood soccer!

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: My biggest piece of advice would be to soak in EVERYTHING. Even when things don’t seem fun, just enjoy spending time with your closest friends and favorite teachers. Go to as many events as you can and try to make the best of everything. Even when you’re excited for the future, don’t wish away the present, cause you’ll definitely miss things when they start ending!

Senior Madilyn Stahlheber (Courtesy of Madilyn Stahlheber)


Madilyn Stahlheber

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: My favorite memory of being a student at Edgewood would probably have to be when we didn’t have to wear a mask. Also in middle school when a kid’s turd was so big that it wouldn’t go down the toilet so the janitor had to take a coat hanger to it and a picture of it floated around the school! We tried to determine who did it the next day by seeing who was absent! Ouch.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: After high school, I plan on starting the process of taking over the family business, Stahlheber Excavating.

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: It’s almost over, just hang on!


Senior Madi Westerfield (Courtesy of Madi Westerfield)

Madi Westerfield

FAVORITE EDGEWOOD MEMORY: One of the best memories I have from high school is Edgewood All Champions Day and traveling to State for DECA. I participated in Edgewood All Champs Day my freshman and sophomore year but COVID took away my junior and senior year opportunities. I am still thankful for all of the memories DECA has brought me.

POST GRADUATION PLANS: I plan on attending Miami University-Oxford and majoring in early childhood education. I hope to become a special education teacher. 

ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Don’t take anything for granted. Go to as many football games, pep rallies, student council float buildings, and school events as you can. Try new things, get involved, and leave high school with no regrets. It really does go as fast as everyone says.