Unique Fashion at EHS

Dazy Huntsberger, Reporter

Everyone has a different fashion sense, whether the inspiration be from celebrities or just wanting to express oneself through fashion, and these Edgewood students really stand out with theirs. 

Sophomore Talin Edwards gets their inspiration to dress more uniquely from social media platforms, especially TikTok. Not only does the platform inspire them, but the people on the app are also the people they look up to in terms of fashion: “I probably get my inspiration from TikTok since I’m on it, like, 24/7.” 

Talin says that their favorite outfit is, “Probably a skirt and t-shirt. It’s simple and looks really nice without doing too much.” They also says that they typically shops for clothes at Hot Topic and Walmart. 

Although they mainly dress in darker clothing, Talin says that they wants to try and go for a more pastel look, which is a big contrast to their current style. However, Talin isn’t the only student that expresses themselves through fashion. 

Freshman Ryen Davis says, “The style I like is different, but I like showing myself through my clothing. As a result, I like my outfits to be unique.” 

Although Ryen enjoys wearing unique clothes and accessories, she says that there is a downside to dressing the way she wants to. She says, “Some people definitely don’t get my wardrobe. I often do get weird comments”

Ryen may experience negative reactions to her clothing, but it doesn’t stop her from expressing herself through her clothes, and it also doesn’t hold her back when it comes to experimenting with her style: “Experimenting is a part of life and trying out different styles can be a nice journey of self-discovery.”